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    Shalhoub Family Counseling Services has been in Jacksonville, NC for over 20 years, serving our community dealing with military, educational, and marriage and family issues.  We have the interest and the desire to listen to what we can do in order to serve our clients with compassion, understanding and respect.

   We are born to a world full of difficulties, mystery and uncertainty.  Personal needs, family problems, social demands and financial struggles contribute to one’s anxiety, depression and pain.  So we need to talk to someone about our problems in order to restore hope, improve quality of life and to make helpful decisions.  Professional and pastoral counseling offers hope, comfort and support to the counselee who is in pain and is in need of help.  Professional and pastoral counseling help individuals, families, and groups to address a variety of problems, challenges and demands of life.


Shalhoub Family

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“Marriage is an honorable institution. It is the cornerstone of life in all of its aspects. Everything in the world revolves around it, and nothing can have meaning without it.”

John A. Shalhoub